The Silvery Gibbon Project

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The Silvery Gibbon Project, based in Perth Western Australia currently provides support to a rescue and rehabilitation centre in West Java.

The Javan Gibbon Centre

Javan Gibbon CentreThe Javan Gibbon Centre, located just inside of the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park in Java, is a collaborative project between SGP and the Javan Gibbon Foundation. The Centre receives donated or confiscated Silvery Gibbons from captive sources, usually local households.

The centre is fully staffed by an Indonesian workforce primarily from local villages.

The aim of the centre is to rehabilitate ex-captive gibbons, returning them to full physical and psychological health and to encourage captive breeding based on sound conservation principles, established husbandry techniques and veterinary protocols, with a view to releasing suitable pairs and family groups into suitable protected habitat.

After the recent relocation of the centre, the current priority is the construction of quality enclosures to house and care for a greater number of these animals, to be a Centre of excellence and example of quality care and housing for gibbons.


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